It has been over 3 months since I attended a Zumba class. And this last class really reminded me how much Zumba can actually help strengthen all the small muscles of the lower legs that we use for balance.

After my fourth pregnancy much of my lower body has been in rehabilitation. My knee hurts, my pelvis is tilted, and my ankles have developed stiffness. As I practiced Zumba I noticed the amount of energy I was exerting to balance and flexibility and strength that was increasing around the ankles as I did the footwork.

Zumba is not only for those who are active and healthy. In fact, there is a version of Zumba called Zumba Gold for seniors, those with a limited range of motion, or those who want a calmer version of Zumba.

In our climate in particular strengthening the legs to avoid falling can be extremely important. You can self test right now: (1) Stand up with the feet hip width apart (2) Shift all of your weight very slowly onto the right leg and slowly lift the left knee (3) Observe the micro movements that happen to keep you standing (4) Slowly place the left foot down and shift weight onto the left while lifting the right knee up. (4) Observe (5) Head to Zumba to wake up some of these quiet muscles or invite Inward Office to your workplace to start a class right there!

See you in class!