Jen Grow with MELT Method Inward Office Yoga

Join Rochester, NY’s first MELT Method instructor, Jen Grow, on a journey to release pain and stuck stress!

Learn a hand routine that helps with carpal tunnel, shoulder and neck discomfort, tennis elbow and arthritis.

Learn a foot routine that can decrease pain associated with sciatica, lower backs, and plantar fasciitis.


Do you have employees that don’t attend fitness classes that you would like to reach? Do they make the excuse about time, about aches and pains, and enjoy their unhealthy habits? Self massage is one way to appeal to this group.  The MELT Method makes wellness accessible to every level of fitness, including those with inflammation and who are in pain.


In class we press small and large rubbery balls into points on the hands and feet, then roll them to spread the wellness through the body. More deeply this affects the connective tissue, rehydrating the body. It improves flexibility and restores worn out areas of the body.

There are no contraindications for this practice! We have found great results in clinical and data entry staff that works a lot with their hands.

Let your wellness leader know that you want an on-site program like this.

The MELT Method is an hour long workshop booked at a time convenient for your workplace. Please inquire for pricing and details.


Jen’s MELT Method Story: See why Jen teaches MELT in this video!

Here are Jen and Marla going through a MELT class together.


This has been featured on Dr. Oz as well as the creator’s book, The MELT Method, was a NY Times Best-seller.

Come MELT with us!!

Learn more about Sue Hitzmann, Creator of MELT Method®
Here’s Sue Hitzmann demonstrating how to MELT.

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Want to know more about MELT Method sessions and workshops?
MELT Method class information and descriptions (pdf file).