….that feeling you get when someone you don’t know is within your masks-only personal space
….the wondering if your connection with your friend is fading due to a prolonged quarantine
….the dread of masks remaining essential pieces of clothing in 2021

The word popped into my head as I made individual food and grab bags for my son’s birthday party. 

The agreed-upon 3 guests had increased to 4, 5, then 6 friends.

Yes, in NY we are back to school, back to work, and the idea of having so many kids at my house, albeit outside, gave me some intense coron-anxiety.

I only felt better after asking everyone to mask on the morning of the party. 

The feeling of anxiety, depression, highs and lows, are a natural part of living this human life. And I think you know what I mean.

For thousands of years, people have used Yoga to help them maintain the feeling of inner balance through physiological exercises that bring the nervous system back to homeostasis.

Despite its cultural association with acrobatics, meditation, or gumbi-like athletic types, Yoga is meant to meet you where you already are, even if it’s stiff, slow, or cranky. 

A few ideas on how we can help manage coron-anxiety, coron-depression, corona-I-don’t-wanna…..

Yoga for Anxiety & Stress – Eileen’s new workshop – this one is self-paid, not sponsored by workplaces. It’s $120 for 8 weeks and we need to get 10 people signed up to run the class. Sign up & we will charge you after we meet our minimums. Starts the week of 9/28.  Reserve your spot here. 

Deep relaxation & breathing – Marla will send a new recording every Tuesday evening for you to use to fall asleep, to recover after difficulties, to release deeply held tension.  Live virtual class schedule

Barre – It can sound intimidating, but just 30 minutes of this class gives a huge boost in energy and feel-good hormones!  Live virtual class schedule

Yoga – our flagship program and the practice that inspires almost all of our instructors. Monday 5pm, Wednesday 5:30pm, Thursday 5:30pm. Reserve your spot

What other ways would you define our new word: coron-anxiety?

Venture over to social media and let us know! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

 – Marla Pelletier