Truly one of my favorite practices….

Yoga Nidra is complete conscious relaxation of the physical, mental and emotional self. It is a practice derived from the ancient Indian Tantras that allows a practitioner to be aware in a hypnogogic state (in between consciousness and sleep) to improve memory, increase knowledge and creativity or transform one’s personality through the use of sankalpa (intention). Come to class with a sankalpa that relates to your spiritual or lifelong development, a mat and a blanket. To become more ourselves we must release tensions to find a peaceful and centered state of mind.

Truly the beauty of Yoga Nidra comes in its facilitation of pratyahara and mindfulness. Pratyahara is the “turning in” of the senses so we become more in touch with our inner nature and subconscious drives. Its opposite is what we do most of the day: observe the world outside of us, responding and reacting through our sensory perception. This is an effective mindfulness practice because YN incorporates body scanning and breath awareness in a position that is our most relaxed: savasana (corpse pose).


We are happy to design a personalized Yoga Nidra for you or your company. When an instructor delivers a meditation personally participants tend to fall asleep less and a supportive community is formed. Furthermore, scripts can be adapted on the spot for the changing needs of the group. We do Yoga Nidras for health fairs & wellness events in Rochester & Buffalo, NY. Yoga Nidra is incorporated in our Yoga to Beat the Blues Workshop. Please be aware that not all “Yoga Nidras” are the same. Ask your instructor if they were trained in this technique for maximum effectiveness.

Yoga Nidra Savasana Corpse pose