This is the most frequent question I am asked when manning a table at an event.

Our studio is your workplace.

We bring the supplies and teach you wherever you are. Convenience is key, right?

We go to the restaurants near our home, the gym around the corner, and the dry cleaner nearby, but with the best deals.

Yes, that too, the best deals.

Our classes are less than a typical studio class because we don’t have the overhead.

For less than $10 per person per class we run the studio at your place.

Lastly, we LOVE to go to health fairs, and we especially love teaching short classes at health fairs.

We can do a lot in a few minutes. Try out: 10 minute meditation, 15 minute stretching, 15 minute relaxation , 3 minute stress relief classes………

This was a recent event Marla went to.