Yoga in India

Marla in Mysore, Yoga India


Some of the most magical, insightful moments I have experienced have been on my yoga mat or meditation cushion.

I have transitioned through caring for dying parents, having four children in quick succession, a husband away for months at a time, and unexpected job losses and moves.

Yoga & meditation have created this inner stability for me.

Inward Office is opening for the first time to the public.

Now you have a chance to practice at home with our amazing instructors.

Many fitness and yoga instructors are financially insecure with community classes cancelled.

Let’s support them!

Inward Office is setting up classes, giving instructors 80% of every dollar that comes in. Many of our clients have been taking yoga classes for free through their workplaces for years. This is your chance to directly support your instructor.

We have a sliding scale that accommodates those who are also taking pay cuts at $2.50 a class (I am surviving the apocolypse) and increasing from there:  $5 (Yoga keeps me healthy), $10 (Yoga has transformed my life), and $15 (I love my instructor).

We are holding one public classes per night:

Sign up, receive the Meeting ID link on Zoom, and the day of the class you will get the password emailed to you.

We are also recording weekly meditation sessions on our soundcloud site to stream whenever you’d like:

Lastly, keep in touch on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter so you can tune in for live events which may include quiet home practices or live meditation sessions.

This is your chance to bring your practice home and learn how it can create inner stability that outer chaos cannot rock.


Marla Pelletier