See What Our Satisfied Clients Are Saying

I have seen improvement in my neck stiffness and back pain, and I find I’m more focused after yoga class. As well, I have carried the yoga exercises into my home environment and try to do them at least another two times per week.

Diane C.


Yoga certainly benefits my work, in that it helps me to more mindfully attend to my clients. I also think it has promoted positive interactions between work colleagues.
The instructor is great and very knowledgeable as well as personable. Even though I have been involved with yoga for over 13 years (with other teachers), I learn new things from her, particularly regarding muscles groups, bones, and joints.

Donna W.

University of Rochester, Mt Hope Family Center

I appreciate being able to participate in yoga at work. I feel so much better within myself from doing it , my work attitude I feel also has improved. My BP and heart rate also have much improved.
I now aware of mindfulness and practice it now in my daily living. I would definitely recommend Inward Office Yoga to others.

Velta R.

Rochester Regional Health System

The Mindfulness presentation gave new insight to staff to bring awareness and take control of themselves and their emotions, either to help with their personal and/or professional lives.  I have had several people comment they were grateful for the learning opportunity, as well as how Mindfulness has helped them step back from sometimes stressful situations and have new focus. We have not formally implemented any Mindfulness practices, but I am hopeful that staff took back the techniques and ideas to try on their own to find ways to work them into their daily lives. Mindfulness is becoming more prevalent in the school community for both students and staff and it was beneficial to have the seminar to bring awareness.


Physical Therapist, WFL-BOCES

Inward Office Yoga provided on-site Yoga and stress-relief breaks to employees at Unity Health System which was well-received by all. Marla worked diligently to provide classes tailored to the workforce and physical location. All of the instructors were reliable, knowledgeable, and experts in the field of Yoga. Marla took the time to get to know employees and understand their needs. She also attended other health and wellness related activities and events to better understand the mission and vision of the program to bring effective programming offerings to employees. It was a pleasure working with Marla and the team at Inward Office Yoga.

Renee Elwood

Former Employee Wellness Director, Rochester Regional (Unity) Health System

The most useful part of the workshop was the tone and patience your instructor had with my team. She made them feel special and relaxed for the session.  We use these techniques with our students daily. Your support for our staff has encouraged us to do sessions with our students and PE Teacher who support the yoga session.

Eva Thomas

School #57 Principal

Yoga is one of our most popular wellness offerings.  We are a large medical research institution providing care to the Rochester, NY community.  It is important that our employees take time out to care for their own health and well-being.  We have received immense feedback from employees who have improved concentration and reduced stress and tension since participating in our workplace yoga program.  I would recommend any company who values their employees and want to see them happy and productive implement a workplace yoga program.

Shaquana Divers

Former Employee Wellness Director, Former Wellness Coordinator, University of Rochester, Winner of the Wealth of Health Awards & American Heart Association Awards

I think that having something to look forward to at the end of the week where employees can get in some exercise as well as relive some stress is wonderful. It lets me forget about all the other things that have been going on that week or that day and just let me focus on the present moment.

Alexis Arnold

Fibertech Networks

Massage ball rolling has allowed me to find a way to take care of daily back pain effectively and improve it for weeks.


University of Rochester

A lot of the tightness in my upper went away after the 30 minute self-massage routine.  I was able to have greater range of motion in my shoulders as well!  I think this self-massage routine would be a great benefit for anyone- especially people who work on computers since many individual’s posture may not be perfect.  The routine can be done anywhere, anytime which is very convenient!

Wellness Consultant, Excellus

I am a huge fan of Inward Office Yoga!  These yoga classes are rejuvenating, and have been instrumental in healing minor back and neck aches.  The instructors and staff are extremely friendly and knowledgeable, contributing to an entirely positive and healthy workplace experience.

Helen Calhoun

University of Rochester

I had an issue with sciatica from a pinched nerve. Yoga was suggested to me by my doctor as a holistic approach along with medication.  Yoga has helped me get off all the medication I was on for my pinched nerve. I have loved all of the instructors; the classes are small and I like that they teach you proper technique and show you how to modify different poses if you need to. I will defiantly continue the Yoga classes through Unity. 


Employee, Rochester Regional Health