Inward Office Yoga is stretching its borders! We are beginning to offer corporate yoga programming as far east as Clifton Springs and Sodus, NY to as far west as Buffalo, NY. As our network grows we are looking for more yoga and group fitness instructors (including Zumba, body conditioning, body toning, and Pilates) who are enthusiastic about bringing fitness right to the workplace.

Our passion lies in helping others come back from being overworked and stressed and offer solutions for them to manage their physical and mental stress. The body remembers and whether that stress was years ago or is right now, our bodies may still feel it.

Through a body-centric approach, we want to teach our participants how to be in the present moment and be a part of the truth, not getting lost in the endless thought stream in the mind.

If you are in Geneva, Clifton Springs, Sodus, Batavia, Brockport, Amherst, Lockport, or Buffalo, NY we are excited for you to get in touch.