Why self-defense?

Isn’t this expecting violence? Can’t we expect peace?

Truth is, 1 of 4 women will be assaulted, sexually or violently.

Often we don’t think about taking a class of this type unless we know someone who was affected.

I know someone. And they got hurt badly.

It made me think how many times I am generally unaware of my surroundings and the people around me. People who have been mugged say they are hyper-aware afterwards. A friend told me she checks under her car, in her back seat, and around all sides of the car before entering.

Wow, I thought, I do none of that. I always assume safety. I often leave my doors unlocked at home. I know my neighbors.

This new awareness recently made me on alert in the neighborhood. I followed a white van with no signage, NJ plates, that was going at a very low speed. I asked if they were looking for a particular house. Turns out they were delivering yellow pages! I am glad I stopped.

Now I realize that self defense is another way to foster a mindfulness practice because it is a type of mindfulness in a violent situation. We still need to use those awareness based techniques where we stay calm in the face of danger to problem solve and get us out of there!

We had a great class on Sunday, April 26th. Nine of our students from all different companies around Rochester joined us and even five of them brought their children. We talked about creating a plan. How to “disarm” strangers that may give you that funny feeling (and that “gut” feeling is something we pay more attention to as we practice yoga and meditation). And many strategies that help us avoid violence.

Upcoming workshops will be posted here:   www.inwardoffice.com/selfdefense