Inward Office is a locally owned company that teaches employees brain and body exercise: yoga, core & body toning, meditation & mindfulness.

Our programs give employees easy tools & time to practice stress relieving techniques in a convenient setting: right at work. The supplies, teacher, marketing materials, registration software & administrative support is all included in a single fee. If weekly isn’t an option for your school, workshops can easily integrate into a staff training day.

All of the programs are customizable based on your workplace. Recently we taught a group of teachers & administrators mindfulness techniques that they can integrate into their day, including walking meditation, exercises with students & a simple 3 minute relaxation. At another school, Mindful Eating was offered as an alternative to Weight Watchers. Ask us for references!

If you would like to learn more about how yoga can help to decrease sciatica or back pain or how mindfulness can change the tone of your classroom, let’s set up a meeting.  We only need 45 minutes of your time.

Looking forward to getting to know you & your school!


Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction is being introduced all over the country in schools to children to help manage students’ behavior and retention of new information. Learn more about the benefits in school here: