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This calendar is open to the public and for corporate sponsorship.

To our public class participants:  Knowing the ups and downs that COVID has introduced, we have a sliding scale for all classes. Pay $2.50, $5.00, $10 or $15 per class.  80% of your class fees go to the instructor holding class to support their financial stability.

To participants who have a promo code: If your company is sponsoring your attendance, choose any class at any price.  At the very end, when your cart is full, it will discount the class 100%!  Also, feel free to sign up for multiple dates, but know passwords change weekly.  

For all:  After you reserve your class, you will receive an enrollment confirmation. If you do not receive this, you are NOT enrolled. Then 24-36 hours before class you will receive a reservation reminder for class.  This has the updated password for class. **Make sure you do not uncheck the box “schedule changes and reminders” when setting up your account or you will not get enrollment info!**

If you are feeling frustrated with finding a password, enrolling for a class, you may always do it over the phone (there’s only one person on the other end….Marla): 585-905-1188.

If you are interested in your workplace sponsoring class, give us a call. We are always available at or 585-905-1188.

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Zoom information:
We use the web conferencing platform Zoom. You do not need an account to attend class.

Computer:  Go to download the “client” and then you can run the class easily from your computer. If you choose to not download the software you can run the program from your browser. I recommend that you get to class early, when you get to choose “join a meeting” and 

Phone/Tablet:  Go to the app store on your phone or tablet. Download the app. You can choose “join the meeting” and input the code and password. 

We are always available to help you troubleshoot. Schedule a time and we will play around with the program! 585-905-1188.

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