Years ago when I asked for those business building testimonials one stood out to me:

Yoga helps me stretch beyond my boundaries to places I didn’t know I could go.

I got this. But not all of us do when we start a practice.

We set up boundaries due to safety. It’s safe to stay inside the fenced area.

When we venture out into the unknown, that is when things become volatile and uncertain.

And we can count on that!

When we practice stretching beyond boundaries on a regular basis, the unknown is less scary.

We get comfortable in the discomfort.

My body has gone through a ton of changes as I have had children & my practice is not what it used to be.

But I am pretty comfortable in discomfort. So I can move from a “have you ever done yoga” forward bend into “I’ve done it for 15 years” forward bend by simply allowing the discomfort to ebb and flow.

This is a life lesson.

So many situations present themselves as uncomfortable, but when we accept and move with compassion we find growth.