We are so pleased to announce our new mindfulness workshops and weekly classes.

Mindfulness is a state of being that as yoga practitioners, we aim to cultivate. It may be through meditation, savasana (the posture of relaxation), yoga poses, qi gong, that we find the ability to become more aware of the present moment. Similar to how parents try to expose their children to a wide range of extra curricular activities, at Inward Office we aim to expose you to a wide range of stress management tools. Each person has the tool that serves them best.

In Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, many of these tools are introduced and the class syllabus is created by the people in attendance. The effects of a regular mindfulness practice are plentiful:

– decrease blood pressure

– decreased cortisol levels

– managing of the sympathetic nervous system (fight/flight/freeze response)

– emotional awareness and balance

– increased immune function

– equanimity through life’s ups and downs


Articles on the topic:

Meditation Literally changes your brain (Washington Post Article 5/26/15)