1. Our programs help develop present moment awareness

In the beginning, as we learn how to cultivate present moment awareness, it is important to have reminders and a community of like-minded practitioners. Present moment awareness can improve one’s ability to concentrate on the task at hand and be more receptive to solutions. Stress can develop from focusing on the future or the past, whereas being in the present allows action to be more effective.

  1. Body movement

It’s winter. Moving your body helps with circulation (no more cold finger tips and toes!), pins and needles from long bouts of sitting, and improves energy levels. Try Yoga instead of a cup of coffee and you may find a naturally induced boost.

  1. Beat the winter blues!

Seasonal affected disorder or depression is a reality of the wintertime. Increasing oxygen intake through effective breathing, present moment awareness, and inversions (downward dog, headstand, legs up the wall) can all help improve mood. Sweating a little and increasing the heart rate can also bring on those healthy endorphins.

  1. Self Care

It is easy to say “I am too busy.” But when you prioritize your yoga or fitness class you are doing something good for yourself. Many of us are caregivers for others, but ultimately we have to give care to ourselves. In coming to class, you don’t have to think about how to take care of yourself, just get to class and let the teacher guide you through a self-care routine. You may find that with the improvement in focus and present moment awareness that you feel a renewed interest and patience with your daily routine.

  1. Health is not static; it is dynamic

One week we may feel great, the next not. This week it may be physical symptoms, the next week emotional ones. It is important to be consistent about your practice in health, because if you don’t make time to be well now, you must make time to be sick later. Our instructors vary classes week to week mirroring the dynamic state we all exist in. In a day and age where things are constantly changing, we need to be consistent and diligent in our self-care routine or we will get out of balance. Being in sync with the dynamic nature of the universe helps us to grow and change the way that life demands.