Marla's bio

Marla has been deeply affected by the fruits of mindful awareness since beginning her yoga practice in 2003. For years people would ask her how yoga improves health: will it cure this ailment, this imbalance, or help me to lose weight? When we become aware of our habits and conditioned responses to life, begin to clear them, a deep attention to our inner wisdom naturally emerges. Meditation and the tools from yoga help us to arrive there.  

Marla is certified in Mindfulness-Based eating awareness, Lifeforce Yoga for anxiety and depression, Yoga for Vets, Mindfulness Meditation, Nada (sound) yoga, and is currently pursuing an MBSR teacher training certification. 

Meditation classes

COVID has been challenging, and for each of us, challenging in different ways. 
As a meditation & yoga teacher, I have noticed that with less external busy-ness we have had the chance to deepen our self awareness: the wisdom that’s deep within us and the patterns that veil that wisdom. 
This is also the fruit of a meditation practice. We notice thoughts, emotions, desires, habits, and even with all those things floating on the surface, we become aware of a deep inner wisdom.
I feel blessed to offer these free Friday meditation classes through Inward Office to bring our community tools to navigate (maybe uncharted, but certainly) turbulent waters.
Come when you can, but I hope it’s today, Friday:
Our new time is 12:30-1:05 EST (or if the conversation is rich…ending at 1:15pm).