The number one tip is…..

Eat only when you are hungry. 

Sounds simple enough but…..

Many of us do not eat only when we are hungry. We depend on external cues. What are those?

The clock, the convenience, the pre-determined portion size, the celebration….

We see that it’s 12pm and then, only then, does our stomach growl.

The restaurant delivers our food to our table and we assume that portion size is right for our body.

When in fact, external cues are only one way to understand how much to eat, when to eat, and why.

At the holidays there are many food choices that we need to make. Celebrating with food is a hallmark of this time.

And if we are not in tune with our body’s hunger signals, we will not know what the best course of action is.

To learn more about hunger signals & eating only when actually hungry, join me in March 2019 for my Mindful Eating series at Molly’s Yoga Corner (Fairport, NY) or join me on 11/13 for URMC’s EAP presentation on Mindful Eating for the holidays (open to all UR employees).

Email me for more information or call me 585-905-1188