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Classes that come to your workplace.

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Our locations:

Monroe, Ontario & Wayne Counties and Erie & Niagara


Rochester, NY, including Brockport, Greece, Webster, Irondequoit, Henrietta, Brighton, Pittsford, Perinton, Penfield,
Macedon, Palmyra, Canandaigua, Clifton Springs, Geneva, Sodus, Ontario,
and Buffalo, NY, including Amherst, Clarence, Orchard Park, and Cheektowaga, NY.



Weekly Classes


Booked in 10 week sessions.
Yoga Fundamentals

Yoga is three things: postures, breathing, and meditation. Before we learn to meditate we must create a stable and comfortable body to exist in. Learn how to work out those kinks and even how to breathe the right way! Yes, there is a right way and a wrong way! We all started where you are so this class is open to all shapes, sizes, and fitness levels!


As soon as we slouch, we begin to weaken our abs and back. What are those, do you ask? The space between the chest and the seat is our focus here. Try it now! Sit up straight, lift the chest, slide the shoulders back. Do you feel it? Yes, those are your abs! This class is excellent if you are a new mom, if you have lower back pain, work at a desk all day, or want a low impact, strength focused class. If you have osteoporosis or osteopenia and are interested in this class – please make sure to let us know! We know how to vary poses so they are safest on your body!


  • Physical Fitness 70%
  • Mental Fitness 30%

Stretch and Tone

A half an hour of Pilates and a half an hour of Yoga taught by an instructor trained extensively in both. Strength building in Pilates focuses on the core: the abs and the supportive muscles of the back. Glutes and arms may also be included. Lengthening in yoga helps with endurance and recovery, especially for athletes. This class will change your idea of what “Pi-Yo” is and challenge both your body and mind.



  • Physical Fitness 70%
  • Mental Fitness 30%

Active Yoga

No this class will not have acrobatics. We will not even do headstands or handstands or arm balances. Why? Well we think that stringing poses together in a “flow” is active enough while at work. We are teaching ourselves how to “be” in our own bodies without achieving a goal. This class is great if you are already active and have a “Type A” personality. We all need to get moving and this is easily done in any work space.

Yoga for Runners
What can we do to decrease our potential for injury when training for a marathon or company sponsored running program? Yoga teaches us proper ways to stretch so your run time and recovery time may decrease. Furthermore the breathing exercises can help you develop the lung strength for long runs. We will get deep into the IT band, the feet, the hips, hamstrings and knees.
Body Toning

Sometimes we just need to kick our metabolism into full gear! Especially when the experts say that 8 hours of sitting has the same effect as smoking a whole pack of cigarettes! We use kicks, punches, lunges and more to tone the body from head to toe. Set to fun music & designed to make you sweat!



  • Physical Fitness 80%
  • Mental Fitness 20%

Energy Enhancer

What do you and your colleagues do around the 3pm slump? Do you have a cup of coffee? Chocolate? Cigarette? This mid-day energy enhancer is designed to increase your energy level so that you can maintain focus, patience, and a positive attitude throughout the rest of your day. Generally this class is a short format of 20-30 minutes and can be done in work clothes.

Chair Yoga

We know you are on a tight schedule. Chair Yoga can be done in as little as 20 minutes, without changing out of your work clothes, right in the conference room. It is also great for the colleagues who wouldn’t touch yoga with a stick but need a good stretch and some time to breathe. As with all yoga classes, we teach essential breathing techniques that manage stress right in the moment!

  • Physical Fitness 50%
  • Mental Fitness 50%


Love music? Love to dance? Or want to learn how to dance? This class will make your whole body smile! This fun, Latin music inspired dance class has the whole body moving and sneaks in cardio and muscle toning benefits. This is the class to do if you need the cardio but have a tough time motivating to do it. We still fit in the crunches, lunges, and twists!

  • Physical Fitness 85%
  • Mental Fitness 15%



Any weekly class can be booked as a workshop. A workshop is a monthly, quarterly, or single booking.

A great idea for a retreat or training day or to sample a new type of class.

General Workshops

The following classes are only offered as workshops at a slightly higher price than weekly classes.

Premier Workshops

These classes are at a different cost than general workshops and may include a material fee or be a per person cost.

Caregiver's Yoga

Caregivers need self care time too. Learn techniques that renew and revitalize you so that you can serve better. Great for nurses, home health aides, and those caring for aging parents.

Mindful Therapeutic Yoga Practices for Veterans

This class is taught by a military spouse who has years of practice doing yoga and navigating the stresses of military life. In this class we work with the veteran population to introduce physical postures, breathing techniques and a relaxation technique called Yoga Nidra to manage chronic pain, deeply held mental tension, and work on balancing the physical body.



  • Physical Fitness 60%
  • Mental Fitness 40%

Mindfulness Workshops

A class that develops the skill of being present and flexible in changing circumstances. Meditation techniques, efficient breathing, relaxation and gentle yoga-based physical movements are introduced. Companies like Google and General Mills teach mindfulness practices to their executives to enhance performance within the company. This is a great special workshop at department meetings, retreats, or training events.



  • Physical Fitness 30%
  • Mental Fitness 70%


Foot Yoga

Feet hurt? Legs tired? Ready to get into healthy routines but feel stuck in your own body? This class integrates acupressure points with your yoga class. Great for staff who are on their feet all day or who have decreased circulation in their extremities. This class uses a few different hard and soft and textured balls to stimulate points in different ways. It is a new way to increase flexibility as we relax the muscles and learn self massage techniques you can take home!



  • Physical Fitness 65%
  • Mental Fitness 45%

Yoga Nidra
Yes, we agree, relaxation is impossible as all of us are in a 24/7 workday. So use our teachers to guide you safely into a space where you can renew your depleted energy. With stress levels stripping away our energy, it can be a challenge to get back into fitness when our bodies are crying out for rest. We endorse it here! Don’t be afraid to fall asleep! Don’t worry about anything! Great for those of varying physical fitness levels that want to improve mental fitness like creativity, patience, and focus. Also known as “Meditation for Type As.”

  • Physical Fitness 0%
  • Mental Fitness 100%

Mindful Walking and Yoga
Engage your senses in the outdoors! The instructor will incorporate mindfulness techniques, mindful walking, and yoga poses to help you increase happiness and return to work refreshed! Only 180 minutes of walking per week can increase your mood as much as a prescription of Prozac!
Outdoor Yoga
During our Rochester summers it can be hard to stay indoors during our time off! And we all do need our Vitamin D. We practice basic yoga techniques with Mother Nature as our backdrop. Your own mat is required and a backup rain location.
Yin Yoga and Meditation
Release deeply held tension in the fascia to relieve chronic pain, emotional stress and mental fatigue. The long held stretches will ease you into a meditative experience. Leave class feeling a sense of deep calm and balance.
Stress Relief Yoga
Gentle poses that calm your mind and relax your body combined with seated and walking meditation to ground and center you in the present moment. You will go home with tools to incorporate mindfulness stress relief practices into your everyday life!
The MELT Method ®



The MELT Method is an innovative technique of pressing hard and soft balls on points on the hands and feet to relieve stress and pain in the upper and lower body. It affects the connective tissue which may be the key to pain management without drugs. Great for carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, and enhanced physical performance. You can feel the effects after only 20 minutes! It is a great workshop to introduce wellness to a population with significant physical limitations or is not interested in a “fitness” routine.


  • Physical Fitness 80%
  • Mental Fitness 20%

Laughter Yoga


This class is designed to access your inner child and bring a feeling of joy through laughter exercises. Breathing and movement are included in this workshop. It is an excellent ice breaker during a department retreat or training day.  Also if your group is going through a stressful time and needs to have the opportunity to release stress in a unique and unexpected way. The body cannot distinguish between real and fake laughter and therefore the stress relieving benefits (decreased BP and cortisol levels) are instantly noticeable.



  • Physical Fitness 30%
  • Mental Fitness 70%


Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

How many things are you doing right now? Multi tasking has actually proven to be less productive than single pointed focus. Let’s spend time becoming more mindful and learn how to bring our attention back to the present moment.

Creating a unified attention helps us accomplish tasks more effectively and with fewer errors. Each MBSR class will include yoga postures, breathing and relaxation exercises, and throughout the session will introduce emotional intelligence, and self awareness topics that are applicable to the attendees. Each class has a lecture component, discussion or quiet reflection, as well as practicing meditation and yoga.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction aims to equip your employees with tools to manage the ups and downs of life with techniques they can bring home to manage their own stress levels in a 15 minutes a day home practice. There is no pre-requisite or physical limitation that would exclude an employee.

Healthy Heart Yoga
Healthy blood pressure needs a multi faceted strategy. Holding a gentle fitness class like our Heart Healthy Yoga brings together a community of support for those struggling to manage their own numbers.  We teach slow paced postures, healthy breathing techniques and meditations that manage the mind. Blood pressure monitors at the conclusion of class help participants to see changes within their numbers and motivate them to continue to come.
Yoga to Beat the Blues

This class adapts yoga therapeutically to address anxiety, depression, grief and other emotional states. This is open to all, especially those wanting to dive in to a deeper understanding of yoga’s applications. Breathing techniques, hand positions (mudras), sound therapy (mantra) and guided relaxation (yoga nidra) are introduced.



  • Physical Fitness 40%
  • Mental Fitness 60%


Mindful Eating Awareness


This three part workshop is to teach participants how to be more aware and awake while eating. Eating tends to be a time we distract: reading, watching TV, or socializing while we munch. And we look for external cues on how much to eat regarding portion size, caloric intake, or even when we judge our weight gain.
Mindful eating gives us more choices and turns our attention inward to look for internal cues regarding taste, satiety, hunger levels, and fullness. Also we learn a number of short and long meditations to increase our mindful attitude when sitting down to eat.


Lunch & Learns


This is an excellent choice before you decided to run a weekly class or to stimulate interest among multiple worksites. Lunch and learns are taught by instructors who introduce the benefit of yoga, meditation, and fitness for stress management & being more effective at work.
Mindfulness for Stress Management

Learn how yoga relates to mindfulness, what is mindfulness and leave with valuable techniques to integrate into your day.


Dispel myths about meditation and learn how varied actual meditation practices are. Practice a guided meditation at the end.

Get better sleep with Yoga Nidra


A brief introduction of the benefits of yoga nidra, how it relates to healthy sleep followed by the 15 minute practice. Yoga Nidra means aware or dynamic sleep.


Yoga Tools for Mental Health Professionals

Why and how does yoga work to manage the mind? Learn tools that mental health professionals can use for self care as well as exercises to use with clients struggling with anxiety and depression. This can be introduced in the lunch and learn and extended into a 10 week session.


Breath Control

Did you know that proper breathing can affect lower back pain? Learn the mechanics of the breath, the anatomy, and how breath and stress affect one another. Practice breath control techniques, called pranayama at the end.

Mindful Eating

Bring your lunch and learn mindful eating techniques to enjoy it more fully! Get an introduction to the basic principles of our mindful eating workshop series which include a basic meditation and the ability to deeply observe, taste, and enjoy your food!

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Yoga certainly benefits my work, in that it helps me to more mindfully attend to my clients. I also think it has promoted positive interactions between work colleagues.

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University of Rochester, Mt Hope Family Center

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