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Inward Office Yoga works one-on-one with wellness committees and Human Resources departments to better understand your wellness program goals ands what your individual employees need to stay healthy and stress free at work.

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Classes that come to your workplace.

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Our services are designed to help you release stress mentally and physically.

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Weekly Classes

Yoga Fundamentals

A basic mat class to introduce you to fundamental poses, breathing techniques and relaxation. This class creates a firm foundation from which to advance your practice from the perspective of the teacher. The fundamentals are what we always return to and use to get to more advanced poses. This class can include a group with a wide range of physical ability.

Active Yoga
This class uses poses strung together in a “flow.” This may mean it’s a traditional vinyasa class or include sun salutations. Generally this isn’t recommended to a beginning group of students, but to ones that are already active and healthy. During a “flow” poses change more rapidly and are held for shorter lengths of time.  
A mat class that uses the body’s weight and focuses on strengthening the back and abs as well as toning the rest of the body. This class is excellent for new moms, for those who work at a desk (and maybe suffer from lower back pain), and those who want a low impact, but strength focused class. If you have osteoporosis or osteopenia and are interested in this class – please make sure to let us know! We know how to vary poses so they are safest on your body!

  • Physical Fitness 70%
  • Mental Fitness 30%

Stretch and Tone

A half an hour of Pilates and a half an hour of Yoga taught by an instructor trained extensively in both. Strength building in Pilates focuses on the core: the abs and the supportive muscles of the back. Glutes and arms may also be included. Lengthening in yoga helps with endurance and recovery, especially for athletes. This class will change your idea of what “Pi-Yo” is and challenge both your body and mind.



  • Physical Fitness 70%
  • Mental Fitness 30%

Yoga Nidra

A teacher-guided meditation practice that allows you to relieve stress in 20 minutes at a conference table or laying on the ground. It helps to manage the mood, recover from great periods of overwork and stress, and depleted energy levels. Great for those of varying physical fitness levels that want to improve mental fitness like creativity, patience, and focus. Also known as “Meditation for Type As.”



  • Physical Fitness 0%
  • Mental Fitness 100%

Foot Yoga

This class integrates accupressure points with yoga postures. Great for staff who are on their feet all day or who have decreased circulation in their extremities. This class uses a few different hard and soft and textured balls to stimulate points in different ways. It is a new way to increase flexibility and learn how to do self massage.



  • Physical Fitness 65%
  • Mental Fitness 45%

Chair Yoga
Yoga can be done in a chair with poses adapted to those who are physically limited or limited with time! Class can be done in work clothes at a conference room table. 30 minutes or 1 hour long.


  • Physical Fitness 50%
  • Mental Fitness 50%

Body Toning
This class is 20-30 minutes long and is a great add-on to an hour long class. We use kicks, punches, lunges and more to tone the body from head to toe. Set to fun music & designed to make you sweat!


  • Physical Fitness 80%
  • Mental Fitness 20%

A fun Latin dance class set to music that has participants using their whole body and has cardio and muscle toning benefits. We crunch, lunge, and twist in this class. Try it out if you love listening to music and want to get moving.


  • Physical Fitness 85%
  • Mental Fitness 15%


The MELT Method ®



The MELT Method is an innovative technique of pressing hard and soft balls on points on the hands and feet to relieve stress and pain in the upper and lower body. It affects the connective tissue which may be the key to pain management without drugs. Great for carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, and enhanced physical performance. You can feel the effects after only 20 minutes! It is a great workshop to introduce wellness to a population with significant physical limitations or is not interested in a “fitness” routine.


  • Physical Fitness 80%
  • Mental Fitness 20%

Mindfulness Workshops

A workshop that develops the skill of being present and flexible in changing circumstances. Meditation techniques, efficient breathing, relaxation and gentle yoga-based physical movements are introduced. Companies like Google and General Mills teach mindfulness practices to their executives to enhance performance within the company. This is a great class to incorporate at all staff meetings, departmental retreats, or training events.



  • Physical Fitness 30%
  • Mental Fitness 70%


Yoga to Beat the Blues

This class adapts yoga therapeutically to address anxiety, depression, grief and other emotional states. This is open to all, especially those wanting to dive in to a deeper understanding of yoga’s applications. Breathing techniques, hand positions (mudras), sound therapy (mantra) and guided relaxation (yoga nidra) are introduced.



  • Physical Fitness 40%
  • Mental Fitness 60%


Laughter Yoga


This class is designed to access your inner child and bring a feeling of joy through laughter exercises. Breathing and movement are included in this workshop. It is an excellent ice breaker during a department retreat or training day.  Also if your group is going through a stressful time and needs to have the opportunity to release stress in a unique and unexpected way. The body cannot distinguish between real and fake laughter and therefore the stress relieving benefits (decreased BP and cortisol levels) are instantly noticeable.



  • Physical Fitness 30%
  • Mental Fitness 70%


Mindful Therapeutic Yoga Practices for Veterans

This class is taught by a military spouse who has years of practice doing yoga and navigating the stresses of military life. In this class we work with the veteran population to introduce physical postures, breathing techniques and a relaxation technique called Yoga Nidra to manage chronic pain, deeply held mental tension, and work on balancing the physical body.



  • Physical Fitness 60%
  • Mental Fitness 40%

Caregiver's Yoga


Caregivers need self care time too. Learn techniques that renew and revitalize you so that you can serve better. Great for nurses, home health aides, and those caring for aging parents.


Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

Mindfulness is the ability to be aware in the present moment, a quality that challenges us to stop multi-tasking and create more unified attention. In MBSR classes we introduce yoga postures, breathing and relaxation exercises, emotional intelligence, self awareness, and other topics that are applicable to the attendees. Each class has a lecture component, discussion or quiet reflection, as well as practicing meditation and yoga. Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction aims to equip your employees with tools to manage the ups and downs of life with techniques they can bring home to manage their own stress levels in a 15 minutes a day home practice. There is no pre-requisite or physical limitation that would exclude an employee.


Lunch & Learns


Mindfulness for Stress Management

Learn how yoga relates to mindfulness, what is mindfulness and leave with valuable techniques to integrate into your day.


Dispel myths about meditation and learn how varied actual meditation practices are. Practice a guided meditation at the end.

Yoga Nidra (Guided Meditation for Type As)

A half hour format class with a brief introduction into the practice of yoga nidra followed by the practice of yoga nidra or “aware sleep.”

Yoga Tools for Mental Health Professionals

Why and how does yoga work to manage the mind? Learn tools that mental health professionals can use for self care as well as exercises to use with clients struggling with anxiety and depression. This can be introduced in the lunch and learn and extended into a 10 week session.


Breath Control

Did you know that proper breathing can affect lower back pain? Learn the mechanics of the breath, the anatomy, and how breath and stress affect one another. Practice breath control techniques, called pranayama at the end.

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Yoga certainly benefits my work, in that it helps me to more mindfully attend to my clients. I also think it has promoted positive interactions between work colleagues.

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