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Offering on-site workplace wellness programming through Yoga, Mindfulness, Pilates, massage, and other fitness programming.  We are a fully-equipped on-site studio: supplies, instruction, registration, and support are all included in a flat fee. Contact us to learn how to schedule a free trial!

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Teaching corporate yoga classes for the last 7 years!

What's wrong with this forward bend? Your yoga class will teach you!

Why are inversions essential to your health?

Yoga can be simple & done at your desk!

We provide mats so you don't have to sit on your desk to meditate.

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by Marla Pelletier

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20 minutes

It is within the first 20 minutes that you receive the most benefits from your physical fitness practice. We customize programs based on the length of time and location you need!

We come right on-site and help you create the program to meet your goals.

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the MELT Method in Rochester, NY!

the MELT Method in Rochester, NY!

  Join Rochester, NY’s first MELT Method instructor, Jen Grow, on a journey to release pain and stuck stress! Learn a hand routine that helps with carpal tunnel, shoulder and neck discomfort, tennis elbow and arthritis. Learn a foot routine that can...
News and Neti Pot

News and Neti Pot

  Spotlight: Neti Pot What is the first thing you do in the morning? Consider using the neti pot as regularly as you brush your teeth. It is a nasal irrigation system developed in India to counteract the irritants and germs that we inhale all day long. The nose...
To-Be List

To-Be List

How long is your to-do list? Is it like mine: as soon as one thing is off, another is added on? What does your to-be list look like? This fall, remember to take time for activities that feed yourself. A large part of my growing over the last year has been learning how...