workplace mindful yoga

For those of us who have chronic pain….

For those of us who have a decreased range of motion leading to physical discomfort….

For those of us who are overweight….

For those of us who have a negative association with exercise, weight loss, or body images…

For those of us who don’t feel like “pushing ourselves” in traditional exercise…

For those of us who need something to alleviate stress….

For those of us who want a physical practice to do anywhere, any time, with anyone….

For those of us who love to relax….

Try Yoga.
It works.
It is a gateway, to exercise, to healthy living, to feeling the body.

It also may help with heart disease as a complementary practice to treatment as well as beneficial for those who aren’t doing anything much to treat their heart disease.

It is impossible to separate┬áthe physical and emotional effects of a yoga practice and often disease isn’t only physical. Disease penetrates all levels of our emotional, physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Are bodies are our vehicles into understanding the other levels of being and our bodies are also our agents of change.

Here the BBC tells us that if you are suffering from heart disease yoga can benefit you: