Informal Mindfulness Practice

While standing tap the toes or the heels to bring awareness into the sole of the foot. Shift the weight from front to back, side to side of the feet. Bring attention into all points of contact of the feet on the ground.


Longer Informal Mindfulness Practice

Engage with the senses. Wherever you are notice the sense of sight, touch, smell, taste, and hearing. This requires a deeper focus & can be done with the eyes open or closed.

Formal Mindfulness Practice

Sit down for a general mindfulness meditation using an MP3 or Inward Office’s SoundCloud recordings.  Or do a walking meditation where you slow down enough to notice the shifting of the weight from foot to foot & the pace of your breath.

Want more practice?

Continue your practice by streaming a recording of walking meditation.

Contact Inward Office if you would like us to teach your team or department more mindful movement techniques.