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Classes we have run:

Yoga Fundamentals   –    Active Yoga   –   Yoga for Healthy Backs    –    Yoga for Lower Back Pain   –    Yoga for Anxiety & Depression
Yoga Flow   –   Caregiver’s Yoga   –   Yoga for Computer Users   –   Yoga & Stress Management   –   Sunrise Yoga   –   Chair Yoga
Chair Yoga & Meditation   –   Yoga & Self Massage   –   Yoga & the MELT Method   –   Meditation for Beginners   –   Gentle Yoga
Mindfulness Techniques for Stress Management   –   Pilates   –   Ab Blast   –   Core Strengthening for Healthy Movement   –   Body Toning
Body Conditioning   –   Zumba   –   the MELT Method   –   Breathing for Stress Management   –   Meditation: It’s Not What You Think
Yoga Nidra for deep rest   –   Mindfulness at Work for Teams   –

Yoga, Mindfulness, and Fitness class at your workplace

You don’t have to live with the mental and physical aches and pains of life. Try our classes.

The statistics

The truth is 83% of us live a sedentary lifestyle which includes the most valuable times of our day: the time we are at work. Only 50% of people on average get enough exercise. What is enough exercise? 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week. That is only 150 minutes of your week: less than 3% of your waking life! (Stats according to American Heart Association)

Inactivity may be the greatest pre-cusor to disease.

For the workplace and employer the benefits of having a regular, on-going yoga or fitness class include:

– Decreased health care costs up to $1500 per year for active employees

– Return on investment can be up to $3.50 per $1 spent on a workplace wellness program (which only accounts for health care spending and not quality of life improvements)

– Decreased turn over, absenteeism and presenteeism

– Enhanced corporate image as many organizations are recognizing workplace wellness programs for the good they do (ie. the American Heart Association, The Rochester Business Journal’s Wealth of Health awards)

For participants:

– Community creation around healthy living habits

– Fewer common colds and a stronger immune system

– Those who are clinically depressed and exercised 180 minutes per week on a treadmill or stationary bike, showed a 40% improvement to their condition. The 40% change is similar to the results found when using Prozac.

– Regular physical activity prevents or delays the development of high blood pressure and can help reduce the BP in those already diagnosed with hypertension.

– Improved coping skills for stress

– Better sleep, increased agility, strength and flexibility


The truth

Honestly, many of us can’t fit in an extra hour to hit the gym.

That’s why Inward Office Yoga has created workplace fitness classes so you can attend a class DURING your workday. No need for extra childcare, or an additional car trip.

Our favorite class is yoga. Why? Because it is highly adaptable to all levels of fitness & teaches us about the mind/body connection.

Most of us are moving quickly during the day, thinking about the past and future, and we are humans “doing.”
With yoga we learn how to be human “being” by teaching the skills of being in the present moment, a place that is deeply restful to the mind. And by extension, the present moment is where we find our greatest stress relief.

Try our lunch and learns to learn more about how this can help you, your team, and your company!

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