How good are you at creating boundaries?

I used to be one of those people pleasers who always said yes and sought other’s approval.

After some major life changes like having my third child under 5 years old and my husband’s work taking him out of town more often than home, I had to learn to set more boundaries. Especially when it came to my work and home life.

You may feel that your work boundaries are disappearing. I have a very fluid boundary with my work because my office is in my home. So while I wait for documents to scan, I load laundry. On my way to make a business deposit at the bank, I drop off my son’s forgotten lunch. Maybe it’s a dream, but maybe it’s also blurring the line too much.

In one liberating conversation, a big client of mine suggested I delete my work email off of my phone for my upcoming vacation. What? My client suggesting I break 24/7 contact with him? But what happens if someone arrives to a yoga class at 5pm and no one is there? Then my common sense asked: who is it that expects you are on email constantly? The answer: only me.

Now the work email on my phone has become a fluid, on again, off again friend. Last night I had to delete it from my phone to focus on my personal time. Over the weekend it will be removed for family time.

What kind of boundaries do you set when it’s necessary?

How do these boundaries create balance in your life?

Your comments create a community of support so that we can manage the ups and downs of life together.



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