The holidays are fun and exciting times, but the change in our schedule can also knock us off balance. The temptation of special foods, holiday parties, and the travel can put our wellness and self-care on the back burner. Try one of our holiday workshops to help you and your colleagues stay balanced & continue celebrating even when our routines change.

Mindful Eating for the Holidays: A 45 minute workshop scheduled at anytime of day. Introduces employees to four key tips to eat with awareness during this busy season when we often give into temptation. Inward Office will provide treats for an eating awareness exercise that enhances savoring so that you can still enjoy your favorite dishes!  $140 and no limit on class size. Promotional flyer & online registration included.

Self-Massage for Holiday Travel: Sleeping in new beds, sitting in cars and planes for hours can create new signs of tension. Learn how to use self-massage balls to release held physical tension in an easy and accessible way. Each participant will get a pair of tennis balls to take home and bring with them on their holiday travels (optional; supplies fee may apply).

Micro Mindfulness Practices for Busy Lives:  5 minute practices that you can seamlessly weave into your day. Connect with body, mind and heart to return to center and remember the spirit of the season. Through mindful self-care we become more present for ourselves and others.

Yoga and Mindfulness for Stress Relief: Learn techniques to bring about instant stress relief by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system. Yoga, meditation, breathing techniques, relaxation techniques and guided visualization may be included.

Our one time workshops prices will be changing in 2020!  Starting January 30, 2020, our one time workshops will be $250/hour for an unlimited number of people to attend. We can invite your off-site employees for workshops using Zoom video conferencing (excluding yoga & fitness classes). Also, we are booking in Monroe County in 30 minute increments, so if you only want a 30 minute class, you no longer have to pay for the hour! We are eliminating travel fees for Monroe, Ontario, Wayne, Livingston, and Genesee counties.  Don’t forget we also have Buffalo instructors available! If you would like to lock in 2019 pricing, please pay for your 2020 schedule before January 30. This will lock in the 2019 pricing of $140 per workshop for up to 20 people. Depending on your location, you may still have a travel fee assessed with 2019 pricing. Our 10 class package price hasn’t changed, so you may consider holding 10 classes throughout the year for $1100 if you have a limited budget. Finally, for non profits and smaller organizations, you may be eligible for a discount on one-time workshops. Lastly, make sure you talk to you Excellus wellness representative to see if your group is eligible for discounts with us! 

Referrals: We appreciate your referrals! When you refer another great company & they book with us, you will receive a FREE workshop!

Have end of the year wellness dollars? Put them toward 2020 workshops with Inward Office. Give us a call to talk about this more. 585-905-1188 and ask for Marla

Remember: Registration, marketing, class supplies, administrative support, reporting, and our 13 years of experience working with offices is included with every class!

We are always practicing something (check out this Tedx Talk: so ask yourself today what are you practicing: good posture, kindness, mindful attention, an active lifestyle? If you answer no, consider booking us this winter!

Ask us for our full class catalog! Ten pages of classes for your workplace taught by our experienced team of 25 instructors.